Welcome to the Cottage Grove, Oregon IOOF Lodge!

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows has been a part of life in Cottage Grove since since August 21, 1880. Though many fraternal organizations have lost membership since the early 20th Century, the Cottage Grove Odd Fellows are reinventing themselves and preparing for a renaissance of community involvement and mutual support under the traditional Odd Fellows motto of Friendship, Love, and Truth.

This is a placeholder website.


If you're looking at this website, and you're wondering why it's so sparse on information, that's why.

Eventually, this site will be full of great information about the Odd Fellows, including reasons you'll want to join up and get involved. For now, though, this is just a bunch of verbiage to show off what this website might someday be...

... Hang on a second! How did you even find this website, anyway? It's clearly not ready to be shown off to the public, so if you're not an Odd Fellow looking at the site in order to figure out what needs to be written here, I'm curious as to where, exactly, you came from!

Ooo! Maybe you're here because you're investigating our connection to the shadowy Bavarian Illuminati, and you're certain we've got Big Secrets to uncover. Well, I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors, obviously, but I can certainly give you some mysterious Latin to whet your excitement. 'Cause I'm nice like that! So here you go:

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